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Thank you so much. A day to remember. - The Acker Family. 07/19/05


Blueberry Season
Blueberry Season

Creek Street
Creek Street


Independent Excursions

With our decades of experience traveling, touring, and guiding throughout the world we provide an intelligent, personal, narrated and fun tour of Ketchikan. We have taken the time to extensively study our island. Be prepared to hear stories about the history, geography, native culture, and nature in Ketchikan. We donít waste time at over-priced gift stores or herding large groups of people as most excursions do. Instead, when you ride with us, we will advise the best shopping, restaurants, and museums offered downtown.

When taking an independent excursion a concern for the cruise ship passenger is the unfounded fear of not making it back to the ship in time. Many of the cruise ship websites mention this. We have never stranded a passenger in all our years of guiding. That would be the end of us!! We have the ship schedule with us at all time. Every morning the routine is to make a daily schedule of ships, ferries, and Alaska airlines arrival and departure times.

Since 2008 Ketchikan now has 4 cruise ship docks. When your tour is booked with us we then designate an exact time and place to meet within a 100 yards or less of your ship. We will be waiting with your name sign (click to watch the video). We exchange cellphone numbers just in case!

We also mention to our cruise ship groups: The earlier the better to start your tour. Many cruise ships arrive at 6-7am. By 7-8am we can be on our way! While most people are waiting in line to get on a bus with 50 people we are already at a salmon river or totem pole park by ourselves. The experience you will have is much more enjoyable. Our small groups always appreciate this inside tip.

2011 update: Our popularity and excellent reputation have risen dramatically in the past few years. Our website is currently in the top 5 on Yahoo and Google web searches for Ketchikan excursions. It is best to book early!.

Interested travellers who would like more information or book an excursion, please e-mail or phone us. We pride ourselves in responding to your e-mail within 24 hours!

Feel free to read some of our Comments from our guest list from previous years.

For more information and testimonials about our tours check out and

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