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WOW! A great tour-Thanks. - Lori & Jim Day. Fl. 07/12/03

Russian Museum
Russian Museum

Saxman Native Village
Saxman Native Village

Award winning photo
by Gary Cox on
2010 Ketchikan tour


Ketchikan Tours & Pricing

KTCT fills a demand for inexpensive yet knowledgeable, personalized, narrated tours of Ketchikan. Our excursions offer the independent traveler a relaxed, intimate experience to view the many attractions on the island.

We often describe the summer in Southeast Alaska as “seasons within seasons”.

On a cruise in May don’t expect to find salmon in the rivers but it is an excellent time for bald eagles.

By mid-June the first salmon are returning to Herring Cove, eagles and bears are moving in that direction anticipating something, and we are approaching the summer solstice.

July the temperate rain forest is going through a growth spurt, we begin foraging for the first wild berries, commercial salmon fishermen start their season, and summer is on.

August everything is happening! Eagles, bears, and salmon can be found, salmon canneries are in full production, and we can expect some sunny days.

By September salmon are literally in the forest, a feel of fall is in the air as well as the aroma of alder as locals are smoking their salmon for the winter.

Our tours cover the must sees and quite a few side trips as well. From totem pole parks and native culture to wildlife and the rain forest. We seldom do the same tour twice as each group is different and unique. Makes it fun for us too!

We explain to our groups in a 3-4 hour tour we will cover about 3-6 different tours that the cruise ships offer all rolled into one complete tour of Ketchikan. No buses, no lines and crowds, plenty of time for photo-ops, bathroom breaks, and just taking it all in!

We are $80 an hour for THE VAN and can carry up to 6 people. Our average group size is 4 and we often just have a couple on tour. We do have a number of vans. Almost daily we are using 2-4 vans on one tour. With only 35 miles of road on the island it is easy to follow each other. Each van has plenty of storage for collapsible wheelchairs, small electric scooters, and walkers. We supply binoculars & umbrellas. We also allow food and drinks in the vans.

Tours average about 3 hours. We just pro-rate the time by the quarter hour. No deposit needed. We accept cash or credit cards on the day of the tour or you can pay ahead of time via Paypal.

For more information and testimonials about our tours check out and

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