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 Ketchikan Taxi Cab Tours, (KTCT), was formed by Kat and Dave Freeman in order to combine their love of travel and adventure into providing small, intimate, and affordable excursions to the many sights and attractions in Ketchikan, Alaska. With our decades of experience traveling, touring, and guiding   throughout the world we provide an intelligent, personal, narrated and fun tour of Ketchikan. 

Timothy White is the Tour Owner, Local Guide and Radio Host on KRBD-FM Weds Night Rock and Blues, 

All of our guides are local people that know the stories and the sights to see, so you get the real Ketchikan experience.
We provide a fun, relaxed and informative excursion service to visit the numerous attractions on Revilla Island.

 Our primary goal is to fit the need of the independent traveler coming off the cruise  ships, the Alaska Marine Highway, or flying into Ketchikan 

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Ketchikan Tours & Pricing

 KTCT fills a demand for inexpensive yet knowledgeable, personalized, narrated tours of Ketchikan.   Our excursions offer the independent traveler a relaxed, intimate experience to view the many attractions on the   island.
We often describe the summer in Southeast Alaska as “seasons within seasons”.   
On a cruise in May don’t expect to find salmon in the rivers but it is an excellent time for bald eagles.   
By mid-June the first salmon are returning to Herring Cove, eagles and bears are moving in that direction anticipating something, and we are approaching the summer solstice.  
July the temperate rain forest is going through a growth spurt, we begin foraging for the first  wild berries, commercial salmon fishermen start their season, and summer is on.   August everything is happening! Eagles, bears, and salmon can be found, salmon canneries are in full production,  and we can expect some sunny days.  
By September salmon are literally in the forest, a feel of fall is in the air as well as the aroma of alder as locals   are smoking their salmon for the winter.

Our tours cover the must sees and quite a few side trips as well.  From totem pole parks and native culture to wildlife and the rain forest. We seldom do the same tour twice as each group is different and unique. Makes it fun for us too!
We explain to our groups in a 3-4 hour tour we will cover about 3-6 different tours that the cruise ships offer  all rolled into one complete tour of Ketchikan. No buses, no lines and crowds, plenty of time for photo-ops,  bathroom breaks, and just taking it all in!
We are $80 an hour for THE VAN and can carry up to 6 people. Our  average group size is 4 and we often just have a couple on tour.We do have a number of vans. Almost daily we are using 2-4 vans on  one tour. With only 35 miles of road on the island it is easy to follow  each other.  Each van has plenty of storage for collapsible wheelchairs, small  electric scooters, and walkers. We supply binoculars & umbrellas. We also allow food and drinks in the vans.

Tours average about 3 hours. We just pro-rate the time by the quarter hour.  deposit needed. We accept cash or   credit cards on the day of the tour or you can pay ahead of time via Paypal.

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Independent Excursions

 With our decades of experience traveling, touring, and guiding   throughout the world we provide an intelligent, personal, narrated and fun tour of Ketchikan. We have taken the time to extensively study our island. Be prepared to hear stories about the history, geography, native culture, and nature in Ketchikan. We don’t waste time at over-priced gift stores or herding large groups of people as most excursions do. Instead, when you ride with us, we will advise the best shopping, restaurants, and museums offered downtown.
When taking an independent excursion a concern for the cruise ship  passenger is the unfounded fear of  not making it back to the ship in time. Many of the cruise ship  websites mention this. We have never stranded a passenger in all our  years of guiding. That would be the end of us!!  We have the ship schedule with us at all time. Every morning the  routine is to make a daily schedule  of ships, ferries, and Alaska airlines arrival and departure times.
Since 2008 Ketchikan now has 4 cruise ship docks. When your tour is booked with us we then designate an exact time and place to meet within a 100 yards or less of your ship.   We will be waiting with your name sign   We exchange cellphone numbers just in case!

We also mention to our cruise ship groups:  The earlier the better to start your tour. Many cruise ships   arrive at 6-7am. By 7-8am we can be on our way! While most people are waiting in line to get on a bus with 50 people we are already at a salmon river or totem pole park by ourselves. The experience you will have is much more enjoyable. Our small groups always appreciate this inside tip.

2018 update: Our popularity and excellent reputation have risen dramatically in the past few years.   Our website is currently in the top 5 on Yahoo and Google web searches for Ketchikan excursions. It is best to book early!.

Interested travellers who would like more information or book an excursion, please e-mail or phone us.   We pride ourselves in responding to your e-mail within 24 hours!

Feel free to read some of our Comments from our guest list from previous years.

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About Ketchikan


Ketchikan is on the west coast of Revillagigedo Island near the  southern boundary of Alaska. (We call it Revilla for short!). The name  comes from the Tlingit word “kitschk-hin”, which means thundering wings  of an eagle. At certain tides in Ketchikan Creek, among the rocks and  current, one can visualize an eagle with his wings spread. Revilla  Island is a part of the largest temperate rainforest in the world.  Ketchikan receives only about 30 inches of snow but around 13 feet of  rain per year! Winters can be cool but usually around the 30’s. Summers  are mild with temperatures in the 60’s but often in the 70’s and 80’s.  During the summer solstice Ketchikan has up to 20 hours of daylight. Our  groups wonder how to dress: light layers, hat or cap, walking shoes,  and don't forget the sunglasses!

In the 1880’s the first white settlers came here mainly for the salmon.  At first there were salmon salteries, then later canneries, which gave  Ketchikan the title of the Salmon Capital of the World. By the 1930’s 13  canneries were in operation producing more than 2 million cases of  salmon per season with a value of $5million a year. During this time  Ketchikan was the most populous city in Alaska. Salmon populations  however were being decimated by the use of floating fish traps which  allowed enormous amounts of salmon to be trapped and later brailed  aboard scows to be taken to the canneries. The US government bought huge  quantities of canned salmon during both World Wars. Alaska became a  state in 1959 and subsequently put a ban to the fish traps. Salmon runs  came back in the 1980’s but with the advent of fish farms mainly in  Chile and Norway prices plummeted to pennies a pound. Today two  canneries and a handful of cold storages are all that remains in  Ketchikan.

Another business on the island was timber and pulp. A $50 million pulp  mill was constructed at Ward Cove, just outside Ketchikan, in 1954. It  supplied a desirable year around job for a seasonal working town. The  pulp mills 50 year contract with the US Forest Service was cancelled in  the 1990’s and the mill closed in 1997.

Today commercial fishing and harvesting timber are still around but  tourism has taken over with close to a million tourists visiting  Ketchikan yearly.  



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