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Skagway Van Tours offers an affordable alternative to traditional bus tours.  A private van tour offers the comfort, privacy, and intimacy often lacking in a crowded bus.  Our van holds up to 14 passengers.  Groups of 10 or less are recommended for maximum comfort. 

Since  it's a private tour, it costs the same to take 4 people as it does 14  people.  Your group  may even discover that a private tour is often  cheaper than a public tour.   

Traditional  tours have you sitting next to strangers in high occupancy vehicles.   High occupancy means a lot of passengers on a busy pre-set schedule.   With a private tour, you decide where you go and how long you get to  stay there.

Take some time to consider if a private van tour is right for you.  And since you're already here, enjoy the photos and videos from some previous tours.   

Skagway Van Tours
Discover how affordable a private van tour can be.

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 I have a passion for guiding  small-private groups and showing off the beauty of Southeast Alaska and  Southern Yukon.  I hope you will take advantage of Skagway's unique  location and experience the one of a kind beauty our area has to offer.  

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