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Salmon Etc. offers you wild seafood products from  the icy North Pacific and kitchen items with that unique Alaskan touch.  Browse our online store or visit our shop in Ketchikan, Alaska, the  Salmon Capital of the World!

Salmon Etc. offers great goods from the Great  Land. We proudly feature Silver Lining Seafoods sourced from Ketchikan,  Alaska such as smoken salmon fillets, fresh-frozen seafood and canned  seafoods.          

Silver Lining is famous for consistent high quality in  hand-processed seafoods. Other seafood specialties and kitchen items are  from the best producers in Alaska.

We stake our reputation on everything we offer in our store and  online. We price our products to make Alaska's best goods an excellent  value. Case discounts on many items bring you even better bargains.

It's easy to ship Alaskan products to home, family and friends!  Every order to your home, business or gift recipients is handled  promptly and is fully guaranteed.

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Fine Art and Custom framing

Local Artist

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Fish from Trish

Fresh Alaska Seafood

 When it comes to seafood, I want to know what I am putting in my body  and where this food came from. When I go into a restaurant and ask where  their seafood has come from, most can not respond with confidence. I  want to know that this is naturally wild sustainable seafood. Good  seafood starts on the boat, trust our fishermen; they know where our  food comes from. We believe in what we are doing, we put love into our  seafood as soon as it is brought to the deck. Traceability is key, we  can tell you who has touched your seafood, when it was caught and how we  processed. Our love and care will be sent to you in every package, that  is our promise. 


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My Tiny Alaskan Oven


Alaskan tales and majesty

My Salmon, Desserts & Friends  cookbook contains more than 50 salmon recipes – for fresh, canned and  smoked salmon – along with tips on selecting and preparing salmon, and  lists of must-have galley ingredients and tools. You’ll also learn about catching methods and sustainability and why friends don’t let friends eat farmed salmon.

I hope what you’ll gain from my cookbooks  and website is not only a great collection of recipes but also a  glimpse into the world of salmon fishing and the majesty of Alaska, as  seen through the lens of Ole’s camera.

Best Fishes!


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Dwyer's Crab and Fish Company

The Dwyer family has strong ties to Ketchikan and  Alaska. Jenny Gore Dwyer was born and raised in Ketchikan. She can trace  her family roots back to captain John Gore who sailed with Captain Cook  as they tried to discover the "infamous" Northwest Passage. Jenny met  her husband Pat on board a fishing vessel in Ketchikan in the mid 1980's  and together they started their fishing business, St. George Marine  Inc. 

 Sean and the Brenna A are now featured on the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. 

Dwyer's Crab and Fish Company Restaurant Specializes in  Alaskan King Crab, Alaskan Fish and Chips, Crab Bisque, Alaskan Oysters  and Cold Alaskan Beer on Tap. 

Sunday–Thursday: 10am–9pm

Friday, Saturday: 10am–10pm


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Family Air


Family Air in Ketchikan, Alaska
offers some of the most spectacular flightseeing tours, guided fishing tours, U.S. Forest  Service cabin transportation, and bear watching in Southeast Alaska, including:
Misty Fjords
Glacier Views
                  Bear Viewing
Guided Fishing
                  Fly-Out Fishing
Wilderness Camping
Forest  Service Cabin Drop-off

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 This seems to be the image that most people remember Ray Troll for. It's been  the most popular T-shirt and poster for over a decade and would probably  make a nice epitaph for my tombstone. It sums up the two great urges in  life quite nicely: Eros and Thanatos; Love and Death. What else is  there? They connect us to all our vertebrate cousins and by extension to  all the spineless wonders as well. The shirt shows up in movies and TV  shows every now and then, inevitably worn by a bad guy- and it's usually  one of the classic black-and-white shirts we first produced. I've  spotted it on disaffected teenagers in Newsweek magazine and on the  occasional rock star in Rolling Stone. One of my proudest moments was  seeing a member of Metallica wearing one in a Hit Parader magazine  spread. 

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Crazy Wolf Studio

 Welcome to Crazy Wolf Studio. We are located in Ketchikan, Alaska. Specializing in Authentic Northwest Coast design Native Art.

Crazy Wolf  Studio is owned and operated by Ken and Monica, Ken is a Tsimshian Artist from Ketchikan Alaska. You can check out our Art Gallery page to see some of the different kinds of work done by Ken.

Check out "Crazy Wolf Studio" for a variety of different things that we have in our store,  which is located in downtown Ketchikan at 633 Mission Street. We carry a viriety  of work done by many different local artist. And artwork and silver jewlery from as far north as Barrow and as far south as the Queen Charlette Islands in British Colombia.  

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Eagleview Hostel


Eagleview Hostel is a small hostel offering short term    accommodations         
    for travelers in Ketchikan, Alaska 

    a rustic home-type setting and one of only two hostels in the pricey
    Ketchikan lodging market, you will find Eagleview is your most pleasant
    bargain for your stay on our island

Bunks start at $28.50 a night

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Alaska Marine Ferry

 Deciding where to go can be one of the biggest challenges of planning a trip to Alaska. With the tallest mountains, the largest area of national parklands, the highest concentration of glaciers, and the longest stretch of coastline in the United States, Alaska is amazingly different. It is a place of magnificence, and you can see more by taking the ferry. The following pages have been designed to help you decide where you want to go and what you want to do. You will find valuable information about special points of interest and the many activities to choose from as you prepare for your unforgettable experience. 

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